What should US liberal do now?

2017-02-01 14:32:11 by T4N
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In no particular order: 1. Participate in peaceful protests. Trump is very sensitive to appearances, and lashes out about anything that implies he is not the best or biggest or winningest ever. 2. Write or call your elected officials. They need political cover to oppose Trump, Trump's policies, and Trump nominees. Betsy DeVos *might* lose her nomination vote as Secretary of Education because thousands of people wrote letters opposing her. At least 2 Republican Senators have publicly stated they are on the fence about her. Here's a web site with all the US Senators' contact information: https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/ Here are some web sites with advice about writing your Senators and Representative: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/2/10/91524/- http://www.altaread.org/letter-senator.asp http://usgovinfo.about.com/.../usco....rscongress.htm http://m.wikihow.com/Write-a-Letter-...States-Senator You'll have to find out the address for your Representative, and for your members of the state house. And don't forget your Governor if the issue has implications to your state. Senators and Representatives give much higher priority to constituent contacts than non-constituent. So contact your Congresspeople even if the topic is outside of their purview. I wrote to every Senator on the committee about the DeVos nomination, plus my home state Senators, plus the Committee address. I should have written to the leaders (President Pro tem, Majority/Minority Leaders/"Whips"/etc.). And I should have written the White House as well - all next time. Elected officials consider postal letters the most important reflection of voters' opinion, particularly if they are not form letters. Postcards from people are only a little less weighted, unless they are form letters from lobbying groups - then they are given much less weight. Next is phone calls - and in this administration there may not be time for letters. A faxed letter might be between post and phone, I'm not sure. Contacts on their official web pages are a distant fourth after post, fax, and phone. Emails are an even more distant fifth, particularly if they are form letters. 3. As mentioned by bobot , donate money. And time. 4. Work for candidates that agree with you. 5. Be willing to compromise and vote for candidates that are better than their opponents, even if they are less-than-deal for you. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. 6. Pick 2-3 issues to focus on, and let the rest go for now. You can't fix everything. Between us all we'll cover everything. 7. Take care of yourself (part of #6). Take breaks. Have fun. Laugh. Rest. Do non-political things. 24x7x52 is not even possible for machines, let alone people. 8. Build a network of like-minded friends (in social media and IRL) to make calls, write letters, take other actions, on the issues of mutual concern. We humans work well in groups, and this shares the burden. 9. Get involved with religious groups, social groups, business groups that have agendas in line with yours. For example, many business groups oppose Trump's executive order banning Muslims from entering the country. I should add one more for an even ten, but I have other stuff to do. There are more resources on the web. See you on the barricades!

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What should US liberal do now?

2017-02-01 14:32:11
In no particular order: 1. Participate in peaceful protests. Trump is very sensitive to appearances, and lashes out about anything that implies he is not the best or biggest or winningest ever. 2....

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