10 Signs You’re Cut Out for the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

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10 Signs You’re Cut Out for the Digital Nomad Lifestyle 28 Feb, 2017 10 Signs You’re Cut Out for the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Expert Guest Author See below for details about this author. Are you ready for the digital nomad lifestyle? How would you like to trade in your cubicle for a hammock and your office for an island coffee shop? What if you could shift your work schedule back four hours to enjoy the morning surf—anytime you wanted? Only in your dreams, right? Well, maybe not. Every day, more people abandon the 9-to-5 for the flexibility and freedom that comes with a location-independent income. These individuals are digital nomads . These digital nomads make a full-time living from their laptop, allowing them to work from anywhere, whether that’s their own living room or a Wi-Fi-enabled restaurant in Paris. Digital nomads are freelancers , bloggers, entrepreneurs, and full-time employees who work exclusively online. While their incomes, work expectations, and lifestyles vary, they all enjoy the flexibility that comes with a location-independent lifestyle. But it’s no cakewalk. For the right person, the digital nomad lifestyle is awesome. For the wrong person, it’s a nightmare. Before you buy that one-way ticket to Cambodia, check out these 10 signs you’re cut out to be a digital nomad. Here are 10 signs the digital nomad lifestyle is for you: 1. You can’t stand the status quo. The digital nomad lifestyle isn’t an escape from reality—it’s an escape to a new way of living. Just 25 years ago, the idea of making a full-time living while traveling was nearly impossible. Now, it’s more commonplace, but it’s still not the norm. If you like standing out from the crowd and taking the road less traveled, you just might be ready to become a digital nomad. 2. You believe life is too short to spend half of it in a stuffy office. Everyone has 70 to 100 years on this planet. Yet, somehow, some people accomplish so much more than others. If you don’t want half of your life to blur together in one seemingly long day, then switch things up! Find a new job , town, or hobby every few months. And of course, one great way to do that is to travel the world with a remote income. 3. Flexibility is your middle name. If you hate surprises, unpack right now—the digital nomad lifestyle is a bad idea for you. However, if you can endure (or even embrace) uncertainty, then you may have what it takes to enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle. When the Internet goes out, your flight is canceled, or your computer is stolen, you have to roll with it! Are these challenges that you can handle? 4. You’re exceptional at time management. Although flexibility is important, so is self-discipline. Without a boss breathing down your neck, will your productivity plummet? From going out for breakfast, to taking an afternoon nap, to camping for an extended weekend, the temptation to procrastinate is real. Unfortunately, this isn’t a vacation—if you don’t produce, you don’t get paid. Thus, having the ability to juggle activities and manage your schedule is essential. 5. Meeting new people is one of your favorite activities. One of the biggest challenges of the digital nomad lifestyle is being a frequent stranger. For some, this is exciting. For others, it’s scary. Before taking the leap to digital nomad, make sure that you have the ability (and understanding of other cultures) to make friends, fast. 6. You’re independent enough to be okay alone. There’s a chance that you could move to a new area and not find a solid social network for some time. Therefore, it’s absolutely critical that you’re okay being alone for a few days, weeks, or maybe even months, at a time. Having a solid network back home and being deliberate about where you live can help reduce your loneliness, but it may still show up from time to time. 7. You know how to manage money. Being a digital nomad is completely different from being a travel bum. If you’re 28 and homeless in a foreign country, that doesn’t mean you’re a digital nomad. Digital nomads aren’t always rich, but they do have a consistent income. Not only do you need to budget for your current expenses, but it’s absolutely critical to save for retirement and the occasional sick day. 8. You have a backup plan. Becoming a digital nomad should never be a last resort. You don’t run away to “work” online because you have no other options—you become a digital nomad because it fits your lifestyle, interests, and passions. Therefore, before leaving, make sure you know what you will do if this doesn’t work out. Can you rejoin your old employer? Will you continue developing a skill set that people will pay for? Can you move in with family? In short, make sure that you have a way to cover your tail if this adventure goes south. 9. You’re a dreamer and a doer. A successful entrepreneur, freelancer, or digital nomad is an avid dreamer. She loves to image what her future could look like. However, she’s also a doer. A doer is someone who takes their dream, builds from the feedback and criticism of others, and then turns that dream into reality. If you love pondering business ideas and traveling to exotic lands, that doesn’t mean much. However, if you’re able to invest consistent time into those dreams, success is just around the corner! 10. You already have a source of remote income. Never quit your job to become a digital nomad! I know this sounds anti-inspirational, but let me explain: you should already have a source of remote income when you transition into the digital nomad adventure. Maybe it’s full-time remote job, maybe it’s a solid client base, or maybe it’s a profitable blog. The best time to develop a base for your location-independent income is when you already have a full-time income to support yourself. So, what do you think? Is the digital nomad life right for you? If yes, get started right away! You can easily become a digital nomad in 90 days by prepping your finances, doing your research, and finding a form of remote income (such as many of the openings listed on FlexJobs). Simply commit to a couple of hours a day to making this a reality and, within a few months, literally anywhere in the world could be your office. Rob Erich writes about the digital nomad lifestyle, investing, travel, and entrepreneurship at MoneyNomad.com . You can follow, stalk, and talk to him on Twitter: @MoneyNomadRob.

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10 Signs You’re Cut Out for the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

2017-03-03 20:53:38
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