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Long story short (editorials)

2017-03-02 06:28:53
We weigh in, briefly, on solitary confinement for youth prisoners, Hoosick Falls, and transgender rights. Solitary confinement unjust for jailed youths In New York’s “Raise the age” debate, a shameful situation in Syracuse demonstrates the perils of treating accused teenagers as adults. A federal judge ordered the Onondaga County Justice Center to stop placing 16- and 17-year-old...

#GenerationHeetch : Des dizaines de milliers de personnes attendues à République, Bastille et partout dans Paris

2017-03-02 20:46:04
#GenerationHeetch : Des dizaines de milliers de personnes attendues à République, Bastille et partout dans Paris 0 partages Mathieu Maire Publié le 2 mars 2017 à 15:00. Mis à jour le 2 mars 2017 à 11:24 Crée en 2013, Heetch est une application qui permet à des particuliers de partager des trajets la nuit aux moments où les offres de mobilité sont plus limitées, engendrant de...

Window/sunroof germlin.

2017-03-03 07:15:14
I stumbled in here after googling the issues and found a few threads on the topic, so please pardon the new thread on an old topic, and the wall of words. Same subject but couple of extra question thrown in. Thanks in advance for any help. Windows and sunroof opened on its own. (Insert a LOT of swear words -here-.) I have a 2009 128i that I have owned for about five years now. Last night I...

As Trade Battle Looms, Mexico Has a Few Tricks up Its Sleeve

2017-03-03 20:23:45
“I’m going to be surprised if we see a heck of a lot changed,” said John Holmes, researcher at the Automotive Policy Research Centre at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. “The industry now is so highly integrated. Talks among NAFTA’s three signatories — the United States, Mexico and Canada — aren’t expected to begin until sometime in June, but saber rattling between Trump...

Steering wheel conversion question

2017-03-04 12:50:26
You need to switch to an '07 steering column harness, an '07+ clock spring and an '07+ steering wheel. Here's the DIY if interested:

AddÉnergie développera le futur de la recharge pour véhicules électriques

2017-03-02 20:43:58
27 février 2017 AddÉnergie développera le futur de la recharge pour véhicules électriques AddÉnergie profitera du soutien fédéral pour implanter des bornes de recharge spécialement adaptées à l'installation en bordure de rue « » Imprimer AddÉnergie, leader canadien en solutions de recharge pour véhicules électriques, bénéficiera d'un soutien financier majeur de Ressources...

Help stranded!

2017-03-03 07:02:00
Good Iam going to say if it's not alternator for sure weak battery low cold crank amps or you have drain issue ignition switch or final stage resistor Or any battery drain issue have to look for

volvo xc60 4x4 2.4 d4 awd momentum auto Diesel de color Negro (Negro) del año 2016 con 3000km en Guipúzcoa 32797513

2017-03-03 17:08:49
Diesel Comentarios del anunciante Indicador de temperatura exterior, Elevalunas eléctricos delanteros y traseros en todas las puertas, Sistema de protección contra latigazos cervicales, Airbag de techo lateral, Asistencia en Frenada de Emergencia (EBA), Iluminación de cortesía, Volante ajustable (vertical/horizontal), Airbag con sistema de protección contra impactos laterales, Faros...

wtb: 328xi bags or coils PA

2017-03-03 20:53:34
I have Fortuneauto 500 coilovers with swift rear springs and hyperco fronts for BMW E9X XI.12k and 18k spring rates. Has adjustable extender and camber adjustable mounts. Used for 2k miles and switched to bags. This set up is for AWD only! $1000 Located in Fairfax, VA Pic shows how low it drops and its not dropped all the way.

Defrost switch

2017-03-04 12:51:46
This is probably one of the least used switches in the Corvette dash. Between all the garage queens and those only driven on perfect blue sky days I'll bet a lot have never been pushed. So had some condensation on the hatch and wanted to burn it off. The switch was very stiff, have to push harder than I'm comfortable with then it goes in with a pop. Couple of days later I tried it again and...

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