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Galaxy Tab S3 tipped for February launch and depressingly high price

2017-02-03 16:02:19
Home / News / Mobile Phone News / Galaxy Tab S3 tipped for February launch and depressingly high price Galaxy Tab S3 tipped for February launch and depressingly high price by Sean Keach Read Comments A February launch for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 looks increasingly likely as a new report appears to reveal pricing and an imminent release date. South Korean tech giant Samsung is set to debut...

Page One: Some Nervous Energy

2017-02-03 16:04:22
Last Update: 31-Jan-17 09:02 ET Some Nervous Energy The stock market encountered some broad-based selling pressure on Monday, as market participants grew nervous about the prospect of corporate tax reform and infrastructure spending plans being delayed in the face of the Trump Administration's foreign policy actions. That was one piece of the broken puzzle. The other pieces involved valuation...

Budget Android 2017

2017-02-03 16:05:04
9 Posts Budget Android 2017 What's the new kid on the block when it comes to Android budget phone say sub £150, 5.5 inch screen? Dual sim preferred but not essential. I tried a cubot note S, its decent but has a few flaws, mainly camera is poor but well worth the £67 though! Stock 4.4 (KitKat) Re: Budget Android 2017 Blue R1 HD is available through Amazon (with ads) for $59 USD. It's dual sim...

RFC 6637 – Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) in OpenPGP

2017-02-03 16:09:34
[ Docs ] [ txt | pdf ] [ draft-jivsov-open... ] [ Diff1 ] [ Diff2 ] [ IPR ] PROPOSED STANDARD Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) A. Jivsov Request for Comments: 6637 Symantec Corporation Category: Standards Track June 2012 ISSN: 2070-1721 Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) in OpenPGP Abstract This document defines an Elliptic Curve Cryptography extension to the OpenPGP public key format and...

Super Mario Run reaches 78 million downloads, 5% of users buy full game

2017-02-03 16:16:54
Nintendo has revealed that Super Mario Run has been downloaded 78 million times since its December release on iOS. The news arrives via The Wall Street Journal , which also revealed that five percent of players had paid the $9.99 fee to unlock the full version of the game. The free-to-play title has also made more than $53 million in revenue for Nintendo so far, ahead of its release on Android...

Best CPU: the 10 top processors from AMD and Intel in 2017

2017-02-03 16:04:09
Choose the best processor for your hard-earned money Shares What makes a processor the best? Some would say it's the price tag, and if money were no object this might hold weight. Others suggest that it's the number of cores or overclockability that determine how high a particular central processing unit (CPU) ranks in a price/performance chart. In reality, it's simply a matter of taste, only...

Best Android Apps: 32 of the best apps for Android

2017-02-03 16:04:30
We pick out some of the best Android apps to download on your new phone, including free apps, paid apps, popular Android apps and some apps you might not know. 1 / 32 Unclouded What is Unclouded? Cloud storage services are great but it seems everyone’s got a favourite for storing and sending online files. That means, if you’re anything like me, you’ve had to sign up for everything from...

10 best science fiction movies

2017-02-03 16:07:14
10 best science fiction movies : We rate the best sci-fi movies ever made 10 best science fiction movies There have been thousands of amazing science fiction movies over the years, but these are our favourites. From Alien to 2001, and The Fifth Element to The Fly, we reckon these are the top sci-fi movies out there. Comments Trying to list the best sci-fi films ever made is a pretty daunting...

Super Mario Run Earnings Top $53 Million

2017-02-03 16:16:52
By John Voorhees Nintendo shared some figures about the performance of Super Mario Run , which debuted last December. As reported by the Wall Street Journal , the game has been downloaded 78 million times, and 5% of users have paid $9.99 to unlock the full game, earning Nintendo more than $53 million in revenue. Super Mario Run received an update today that adds an Easy Mode, new events, and...

Nintendo reveals high unlock rate for 'Super Mario Run,' delays 'Animal Crossing' for iPhone

2017-02-03 16:16:55
– A + Nintendo reveals high unlock rate for 'Super Mario Run,' delays 'Animal Crossing' for iPhone By Malcolm Owen Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 06:41 am PT (09:41 am ET) Nintendo's mobile efforts are paying off, after the gaming company confirmed better than expected revenue from "Super Mario Run" on iOS, but advised gamers will have to wait a few months before they can play "Animal Crossing"...

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