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"APPLE "- would be an awesome partner-

2017-02-01 20:14:56
"APPLE "- would be an awesome partner- Apple Vaporizer Patent Spurs Speculation of Cannabis Industry Entry January 28, 2017 at 6:33 am Published by NCV Newswire SiliconBeat explored a patent filed by Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) on July 20th and published on January 26th, suggesting that it may signal the entry of the company into the cannabis industry. To be clear, it’s just speculation, and Apple...

Qualcomm licensing business, Apple deal attacked in FTC’s

2017-02-01 20:15:06
Qualcomm licensing business, Apple deal attacked in FTC’s antitrust lawsuit: "An antitrust lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission against Qualcomm Inc. puts a dark cloud over a chip company that had managed to battle back from a steep stock...

What’s New on Hulu in February? Golden Girls, Taken, and More

2017-02-02 08:04:58
Twitter It’s that time of month when we take stock of the new titles gracing Hulu’s screen, and check to make sure there’s nothing we want to watch before it’s removed from Hulu. Undoubtedly one of the biggest names landing on Hulu in February is Golden Girls . Hulu secured exclusive rights to the hit 80s comedy and you can binge watch the entire series starting February 13. You can...

How to Decide When a Photo Should Be Black and White

2017-02-02 08:17:53
How to Decide When a Photo Should Be Black and White When you first start getting into photography, it’s very easy to fall into a habit of converting almost every image you take to black and white. I know I did it. The thing is, while black and white images can look classy or cool, they’re not always strong images. Removing all the color can take away from a photo if you don’t do it...

Google sets up a $4 million fund to help immigration organizations

2017-02-02 08:22:26
Google creates its largest humanitarian fund yet to deal with Trump's immigration order. Google has set up a $4 million "crisis fund" following President Trump's executive order on immigration . As reported by USA Today , the money will go toward four organizations: the American Civil Liberties Union, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, International Rescue Committee and UNHCR. According to the...

An interesting stat regarding Apple, Microsoft and Google | Page 2

2017-02-01 20:15:03
Lloydbm41 said: ↑ We all know that US companies keep profits off shore so they don't have to pay the 35% corporate tax rate. What I didn't know was how much cash was kept in foreign banks and how much money these companies save. Here are a few companies that are keeping more than $35 billion offshore as of their most recent filings: Apple (AAPL, Tech30): $111.3 billion General Electric (GE):...

Make America Hate Again

2017-02-02 08:01:56
I'm talking here about the alt-right, e.g. Milo Yiannopoulos' crowd, who self-profess that this was partly why they voted for Trump. People for whom this election was largely cultural, and saw Trump as a "fuck you" to the safe-space, microaggression, language-policing left. I know they have real concerns, like economic pain, threats to their way of life, and concerns about mass...

Attention destiny streamers and/or Military veterans.

2017-02-02 08:12:23
I'm organizing a charity streaming event for a foundation for veterans called mission 22. 22 veterans are lost to suicide a day (Now 20) and mission 22 is here to stop that. This event will take place on February 10th and last 22 hours. Any one interested in participating by helping promote or streaming in this event let me know. You don't have to be some huge streamer! Anyone can help and just...

Apple and Amazon Adopt Opposing Strategies as Smart Home War Heats Up 10

2017-02-02 08:20:17
Home automation will never "take off" if it must be installed after the building is complete. It will only be wide spread if builders put the equipment in new buildings. But as a builder I will NEVER install anything as simple as a smart switch or door lock unless I know 100% that in 20 years after the part fails someone can go to Home Depot and buy a replacement for $5 just like they can...

HowTo: HD120 RGB Custom Lighting Controller

2017-02-02 11:13:44
Quote: : USB 3.0 can supply 900ma and maybe you can tell you are connected to a USB 3.0 port. 500mA draw off the USB port is a limitation of the Arduino, not the USB port. Just to put things in perspective, each LED at full brightness will draw 60mA, so one fan at full brightness, full white would be 720mA. Six fans at bright white would be 4,320mA, and even those 3A "Super-Power USB" ports...

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