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R.I.P to those who lost their lives in the Bowling Green Massacre

2017-02-03 08:15:55
That nobody knew about. Thanks Kellyanne Conway for bringing the alternative facts!!!! ? Posted via

What's the last few movies that you saw at the theater?

2017-02-04 08:10:49
I want to go out to the movies more, so I am. I Am Not Your Negro will be out next weekend; I can't wait! Posted via

Why are twins so prevalent in the celebrity world?

2017-02-04 20:16:12
JLo, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Quoting Anonymous 3: like who, for instance???

Everything Superbowl!!

2017-02-06 16:16:24
I'm rooting for the Falcons to win! I love the commercials during superbowl, I just wish they wouldn't release them online weeks before the game. Takes the fun out. I like Lady Gaga. I think she'll do great. She's better than Beyonce ? Luke Bryan I have no opinion on. As long as he doesn't butcher the National Anthem he's good with me. No idea on the snacks. I might get dh to get some wings and...

GOP introduces bill Ron ABOLISH the department of education

2017-02-11 06:04:55
Same day devos was confirmed this bill was introduced On the same day the Senate confirmed President Trump’s secretary of Education pick by a historically narrow margin, a House Republican introduced legislation to abolish the entire department Betsy DeVos will lead. Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie’s bill is only a page long, after merely stating the Department of Education would terminate on...

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