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Trump administration is set to rescind transgender student protections

2017-02-24 06:20:09
photo credit: Donald Trump via photopin (license) According to a source close to the White House, the Trump administration is set Tuesday to rescind Obama-era protections for transgender students barring discrimination and ensuring they have access to the restroom that matches their gender identity. “This is the first day of the president’s second month in office and he is now fully...

NEWS: Texas conservatives take on transgender restroom fight

2017-02-24 06:21:15
TUESDAY, FEB 21, 2017 Texas conservatives take on transgender restroom fight The spotlight of the transgender debate is about to shine bright on Texas, where conservative lawmakers are bracing to continue the fight started in North Carolina last year. The Texas legislature introduced a bill last month requiring all government facilities, including public schools, to keep restrooms, showers, and...

NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Open To Nerlens Noel Trade; Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade Want Young C |

2017-02-24 20:31:12
By Doug Jackson ( [email protected] ) Feb 22, 2017 04:43 AM EST Comment Photo of Nerlens Noel Flickr / Bryan Horowitz The NBA trade deadline is fast approaching, bringing with it the excitement of potential blockbuster deals. The trade circus has already seen one huge surprise in the form of the DeMarcus Cousins trade to the New Orleans Pelicans to join fellow All-Star Anthony Davis. With...

IG: A slightly less costly SUNY procurement scandal

2017-02-24 20:42:55
0 Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott. (Office of the IG) It’s not just multi-million-dollar SUNY Polytechnic Institute developments that are vulnerable to alleged bid-rigging, according to the latest investigation from the office of state Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott. Her office on Tuesday announced the guilty plea of a former State University of New York University at...

'Hopeless' Muslim Family Try To Commit Suicide — But God Heals Them, With Dead Son Even Restored To Life

2017-02-25 06:11:53
A mysterious figure appears on the horizon in this video posted on YouTube, with some viewers saying it's an apparition of Jesus walking on water. (YouTube Screenshot/Jason Asselin) This Islamist radical intensely hated Christians. Named Ismail, this Muslim man from a South Asian country had attacked Christian churches, stoned preachers, and nearly killed a pastor by running over him using...

NEWS: Boy Scouts Christian Alternative Sees Uptick after Transgender Decision

2017-02-24 06:21:14
TUESDAY, FEB 21, 2017 Boy Scouts Christian Alternative Sees Uptick after Transgender Decision Since the Boy Scouts of America decided to accept transgender youngsters, there appears to be a growing market for a different kind of scouting group. The BSA does not require troops chartered by houses of worship to accept children who do not identify with their birth gender. Nevertheless, the website...

So today, Austin Ruse and Janet Smith are wasting everybody’s time…

2017-02-24 20:24:34
February 21, 2017 by Mark Shea Leave a Comment defending a publicity-seeking perv named Milo over on Facebook (see the Katolicos Politikal Geeks page). Milo got invited and then disinvited to CPAC because, although it was awesome that he was a creepy champion of the racist Alt Right and a troll who has destroyed people’s lives, it crossed the line that he championed pedophilia. He also had...

NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings Offer Jahlil Okafor Trade; DeMarcus Cousins Trade Opens Up New Need For Young C |

2017-02-24 20:31:15
By Doug Jackson ( [email protected] ) Feb 22, 2017 07:13 AM EST Comment Jahlil Okafor during the 2015 NBA Summer League Wikimedia Commons/Ed The Sacramento Kings now face the biggest backlash thus far in NBA history following their alleged botched DeMarcus Cousins trade deal with the New Orleans Pelicans. Since Boogie has been widely considered as an elite player in the league, many believe...

5 Things Christian Couples Should Consider Before Having Kids

2017-02-25 06:04:11
Pexels Having kids is a big, if not life-altering, decision that every couple will be confronted with at some point. I've met not a few couples who have decided not to have children and couples who just can't wait to have them. Parenting is a great blessing. Psalm 127:3 tells us, "Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward." But just as it is a wonderful...

Long story short (editorials)

2017-03-02 06:28:53
We weigh in, briefly, on solitary confinement for youth prisoners, Hoosick Falls, and transgender rights. Solitary confinement unjust for jailed youths In New York’s “Raise the age” debate, a shameful situation in Syracuse demonstrates the perils of treating accused teenagers as adults. A federal judge ordered the Onondaga County Justice Center to stop placing 16- and 17-year-old...

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