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Stocking up

2017-02-03 08:00:04
So far we have stocked up on: * Nappies (size 1 & 2, may even get a couple size 3.. we have both pampers and little angels) * Wipes (pampers sensitive) * Calpol * Metanium cream * Nelsons teething powder * Dentinox teething gel * Bickie pegs * Teething rings/toys which are teether and have other little bits on * Sudocrem * Johnsons bubble bath (normal and night), shampoo, talc. All things I...

I get to stay here wahhh

2017-02-03 08:00:11
Just got my results they've shot up from 800 and odd to 1600 in 46 hours... Scan Friday but consultant said I can relax this is what they would call a viable pregnancy. Crying laughing and shaking all at the same time. Now to ring hubby and tell him this amazing news. I'm so pleased I don't have to leave yet another board. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for the support through this...

Patient-defined desired outcome, success criteria, and expectation in outpatient physical therapy: a longitudinal assessment

2017-02-03 08:04:56
(39.5%) Note NPRS Numerical Pain Rating Scale, SPADI Shoulder Pain and Disability index, IKDC International Knee Documentation Committee Subjective Knee Form, LEFS Lower Extremity Functional Scale, SF8 Short Form of the Medical Studies −8, TSK Tampa Scale for Kniesophobia-11 a % of Individuals who met PCOQ Pain Domain Success Criterion b % of Individuals who met PCOQ Interference with Daily...

Oh and those alternative facts again!

2017-02-03 08:16:06
R.I.P to everyone who lost their lives in the Bowling Green Massacre, including Fredrick Douglass and myself. Posted via

Are Sleep Problems Affecting Your Mental Health?

2017-02-03 16:09:03
Cancel Are Sleep Problems Affecting Your Mental Health? A lack of rest could put you at risk. How to ensure you’re getting the sleep you need. (Getty Images) By Michael O. Schroeder | Staff Writer Jan. 31, 2017, at 9:47 a.m. Cancel You’re not quite yourself when you don’t get the rest you need. Whether you’re simply failing to get sufficient sleep , have a sleep disorder or are not...

Might make you laugh

2017-02-03 08:00:10
Thought I'd share. So I've been trying to get hold of the hospital to arrange my booking app for a week now. Seems the phones aren't manned at the times they say. Left numerous messages including 1 first thing this morning. I'm having a wee, when I hear my phone ringing downstairs. I'm desperate to answer it so try to stop the wee (yeah right) and pull pants and trousers up to run down the...

Bleeding after sex

2017-02-03 08:00:34
I bled after sex with both of mine. Had a speculum and she said I have a very vascular cervix. It's pretty common as there is so much blood down there to nourish the baby. Try not to worry. You're chance of miscarriage is very low after seeing the heartbeat. I'd ring your epu and get another scan for peace of mind xx

R.I.P to those who lost their lives in the Bowling Green Massacre

2017-02-03 08:15:55
That nobody knew about. Thanks Kellyanne Conway for bringing the alternative facts!!!! ? Posted via

How soon after failed FET can you start again?

2017-02-03 16:05:46
We had a failed FET in Dec and was told we could ring up on my next period (which was due 7 days ago but no show yet). Easier said than done but keep your hopes up. Nothings set in stone till your offcial test date. Fingers crossed for you x

NASA's fermi discovers the most extreme blazars yet

2017-02-03 16:09:12
NEW : Find great deals on the latest gadgets and more in the ScienceDaily Store ! Science News NASA's fermi discovers the most extreme blazars yet Date: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Summary: NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has identified the farthest gamma-ray blazars, a type of galaxy whose intense emissions are powered by supersized black holes. Light from the most distant object...

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