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PokerStars Championship Barcelona: Andre Akkari surges ahead to lead final 16

News image for PokerStars Championship Barcelona: Andre Akkari surges ahead to lead final 16 in Games2017-08-29 11:16:26
2,030,000 They'll play one more 90-minute level, then go to dinner. The plan will be to play two more levels after that, although they'll stop sooner if somehow they get down to 16 players. --MH 5:35pm: Daher folds full house to Andrade, is correct Level 23 - Blinds 12,000/24,000 (ante 4,000) It was the last hand before the break, an innocuous-seeming four-way pot that didn't promise much at...

Microsoft detiene las ventas de la Xbox One

2017-08-30 04:37:31
Microsoft detiene las ventas de la Xbox One Publicado por Juan Talamantes en Xbox el 26/08/2017 a las 18:21 COMPARTIR 0 Hace cerca de 4 años, fue lanzada al mercado la Xbox One , una nueva generación de la consola de Microsoft que incluso era 100 dólares más costosa que la PS4, lo cual dificultó un poco sus ventas en un inicio. Luego se lanzó una versión sin el Kinect , para abaratar su...

WTF is the deal with Salmon Run? (Enlighten me, please)

2017-09-02 05:18:04
User Info: ___shan ___shan 21 hours ago #8 Go to twitch and check the broadcast history of streamers that are in S+, particularly 'competitive' players and then check out their salmon run videos. Yes it is tricky when you're playing with people who do questionable things, but it's possible.

Superbowl preview right now with vs

2017-09-03 19:10:25
User Info: mqg96 mqg96 5 days ago #6 GeneralZhao posted... raiders couldn't even beat Brock Osweiler in the playoffs They were down to a 3rd string rookie QB you fool.

Ray Lewis: Ravens would have signed Kap if not for Girlfriend's Tweet

2017-09-07 06:18:46
User Info: SSj4Wingzero SSj4Wingzero 15 hours ago #1 Ray Lewis said Ravens would have signed Colin Kaepernick if not for girlfriend's tweet OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Ray Lewis said the Baltimore Ravens chose not to sign Colin Kaepernick after the quarterback's girlfriend posted a...

BREAKING: fires unidentifiable projectile off of East Coast

2017-08-29 12:12:59
User Info: LoyalToTheGame LoyalToTheGame (Topic Creator) 5 hours ago #4 I thought the North Koreans were "afraid" of Trump? isn't that what he told us just a few days ago? or his supporters did? PSN- Drew872 My PS4 games collection: or (edited 5 hours ago )

The Jags could easily win 7-8 games with Kaepernick as starter.

2017-08-31 03:16:50
User Info: needtoseeit needtoseeit 3 days ago #7 TheVipaGTS posted... Kirby posted... Easily? Kap went 1-10 last season. yea the rest of the niners team, mainly their defense, contributed NOTHING to that. you're right. lol serious lack of talent.these were kap wrs last yr.i think kerley was picked up 2 weeks before start of reg season and led the team and this torrey smith isnt the one most...

The first Inhumans tv show reviews are showing up - GameFAQs Contests Message Board - GameFAQs

2017-09-02 14:22:04
User Info: Johnbobb Johnbobb 1 hour ago #1 Welp, this is as much of a disaster as I figured it'd be. Khal Kirby , warlord of the Super Star...

What else u playing aside from dark souls 3?

2017-09-06 01:29:09
User Info: ImmortalDragonX ImmortalDragonX 2 hours ago #10 Got back into playing FFXV. Thinking about hitting Nioh again. Still never beat that game. Or Persona 5. Or Tales of Berseria. Got back into Bloodborne for a bit. Picked up Just Cause 3...just cause. Waiting on Destiny 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Just (literally JUST as of the writing of this post) discovered there's gonna...

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