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Miitopia is like a mobile game...

2017-08-23 15:08:23
User Info: Metastase Metastase 17 hours ago #10 Unfortunately, this idea can be generally applied to the 3DS itself. I mean, its library in general. Specially in contrast with the DS. 3DS Castlevania is a joke compared to DSvanias; FF Explorers is the shallow version of Phantasy Star Zero; 3DS Dragon Quest is lacking in content and post-game compared to DQIX; 3DS Megaman...let's not even go...

Need for Speed: Payback debuts BMW M5, Gamescom 2017 trailer

News image for Need for Speed: Payback debuts BMW M5, Gamescom 2017 trailer in Games2017-08-24 20:17:07
Need for Speed: Payback debuts BMW M5, Gamescom 2017 trailer 01:01 All-new BMW M5 playable. Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have released the Gamescom 2017 trailer for Need for Speed: Payback , revealing the new BMW M5 as debuting exclusively in the upcoming racer. Car manufacturer BMW debuted the BMW M5 for the first time alongside the reveal of its inclusion in the game. Here’s an...

Which live action Disney TV show would you like to see in Kingdom Hearts?

2017-08-24 23:39:33
User Info: honestlycynical honestlycynical 4 days ago #7 Hypnofeet posted... I'd rather have that than High School Musical or Zack & Cody anyday! Then you can enjoy that garbage on your hypothetical copy of KH3. "Better Call Saul is getting great ratings right now, and no one debates the fact that it's a reboot." - Crystal_Clods, 2017

News: The Crew 2's 2018 release date has been announced with new trailer

News image for News: The Crew 2's 2018 release date has been announced with new trailer in Games2017-08-25 11:55:33
By Alice Bell The Crew 2's 2018 release date has been announced with new trailer Also pre-order bonuses, to your great surprise. Ubisoft has announced that the Crew 2 will be releasing on March 16, 2018. Alongside this is a new gameplay trailer that shows off the new ability to switch between air, land and sea vehicles whenever you feel like it. ​ You can sign up for a chance to get in on...

Cinema Club

2017-08-28 15:24:54 Tobe Hooper died. Too bad. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of my favorite movies.

Age of Empires at

2017-08-23 15:09:24
User Info: Rand_Aybara Rand_Aybara (Topic Creator) 1 day ago #6 holden4ever posted... Rand_Aybara posted... holden4ever posted... On Monday, August 21, starting at 9:00pm CEST, 12:00pm PDT, Microsoft will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Age of Empires franchise with a special livestream event in Cologne, alongside some of our biggest...

Anna Diop cast as Starfire for Live Action Titans show

2017-08-24 22:26:56
User Info: LunarRoar LunarRoar 13 hours ago #1

The Crew 2 Releasing on March 16th 2018

2017-08-25 11:43:38
Ubisoft’s The Crew 2 will light up racing fans’ screens on March 16th 2018 according to publisher Ubisoft at Gamescom. It will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC but there will also be a beta prior to that (which fans can register here for). Pre-order bonuses and various editions for The Crew 2 were also revealed. Those who pre-order can start playing on March 13th. There will be a $70...

Netflix's Death Note Film Adapation

News image for Netflix's Death Note Film Adapation in Games2017-08-26 12:04:27
At 8/22/17 04:08 PM, Quote: : h It got a 7.7 on imdb though. Anyway, it comes out tomorrow so once it reaches wider distribution we'll probably get a better sense of what the general public and most reviewers think of it. I don't think that RT rating is going to tick up much after that though.

List yor favrit Telltale games in order. Btw, LIS Before the Storm comes out Mon

2017-08-29 09:15:58
User Info: Nodrog77 Nodrog77 1 hour ago #1 For me it goes: 1) THAU 2) TWD Season One 3) TWD Season Two 4) TWD Michonne 5) Batman Season 1 6) TftBorderlands 7) Batman The Enemy Within 8) Marvel's GotG 9) TWD ANF 10) Game of Thrones<--didn't like that 1 at all-the only TT game I didn't like I mention Life is Strange be cause it's similair 2 the Telltale recipe-it adapts to how u...

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