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Blood, guts and fireballs: the day I took two bullets at Trainspotting's SFX studio

2017-02-01 16:05:45
Sunday 29 January 2017 15.00 GMT Last modified on Sunday 29 January 2017 15.02 GMT View more sharing options Share on Messenger Close P erivale Industrial Park. I get a demonic thrill from starting a piece with those three words, like I’m daring you to go and read something else. But if you can hang around for five more minutes, there are some men in the car park and they’re just about to...

/pmdg/ - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

2017-02-01 16:05:52
>>31554303 >>31555316 >>31555326 >>31555421 Human charisma could be used to create a cult of fanatics who will give their life to him or her. Charisma can only go so far, so intelligence could help as well. Even if the human is dumb, he or she probably knows some things that can be useful, such as math, science, rhetoric, etc. In the end, though, it depends on where you...

Has Jeremy Corbyn ended Labour unity with article 50 whip? | Politics

2017-02-01 16:06:02
Well said. We're doomed with him at the helm, if he had any belief in labour values he would stand aside for the sake of the party, but the more it sheds support of ordinary people the more he wraps himself in fantasy fanatics who can't differentiate 'party' allegiance inside and outside of the political bubble!

I used to sneer at Lib Dems. Now I’ve joined them | Barbara Ellen | Opinion

2017-02-01 16:06:06
The Guardian itself supported the Lib Dems a couple of elections ago. That went well. Seeing that they despise Corbyn now even more than the Tories, and its fanatical support for the EU. Could we be about to see a repeat performance? A case of deja'vu?

If you think Laura Kuenssberg's questioning of Theresa May and Donald Trump was 'undiplomatic', you don't understand how a free press works

2017-02-01 16:06:15
I completely agree. Laura Kuenssberg is an excellent journalist, her critics are invariably either fanatics who don't recognise impartiality when they see it or insecure sexists.

Slave Pony Thread #94

2017-02-01 16:05:50
>>29361274 > “Inquisitor Iulius, First Legion of Christ.” > The voice is gruff, like a man who’s spent too long smoking tobacco. > You feel a foul taste in your mouth when you hear that title. > You had hoped you wouldn’t see many of his kind once you got here. > Religious fanatics tended to be terrible impediments to peace. “By all means, come in my...

Head of Ireland's Only Campus Israel Society at University With No Jews Aims to 'Spread Truth That Doesn't Make It Into the News'

2017-02-01 16:05:59
If they are only ignorant there is hope but if they are fanatics, it is hopeless.

Trump’s executive orders on travel challenged

2017-02-01 16:06:04
« And so it begins … Trump’s executive orders on travel challenged Donald Trump’s executive order banning travelers from seven Muslim countries has resulted in confusion at airports as people already on the way suddenly found themselves denied entry. Earlier on Saturday, President Trump’s executive order, signed the day before, sowed chaos in airports, universities, corporations and...

Anger as Glasgow vet is stranded after being caught up in Trump immigrant ban

2017-02-01 16:06:08
Did you miss 9/11 then? All the planes blown up, people massacred in Europe wholesale by all manner of terrorists and untold amount of internet executions of western people held to account for being well - western and non muslim. It's people like you who were quislings, willing to simply give up the ghost to anyone who challenged. Perhaps you should read some accurate history of the muslim...

Brexit has allowed the banks to get off Britain's naughty step | Business

2017-02-01 16:06:19
The EU devotees have quickly forgiven many of their former hate figures. -The financial institutions whose greed they accused of crashing the world economy necessitating the misery if austerity. The money and support was taken from the likes of Goldman Sachs without any compunction, -David Cameron, George Osborne, and the Treasury, previous ridiculed for their economic predictions suddenly...

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